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Article in © 2010 EDP Sciences / Socit Internationale Francophone d'Education Mdicale
"Teaching of scientific and interpersonal communication in English for medical purposes in French medical schools: what should be taught during the medical studies and in continuing medical education sessions? Toward a national syllabus"
Rita Camare-Querci, Felicie Pastore, Jonathan Broner et Maelle Allibe
Original publication available at http://www.pedagogie-medicale.org

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Journées Universitaires Francophones de Pédagogie en Sciences de la Santé (JUFPSS)
Association Médicale Franco-Britannique/AngloFrench Medical Society
amee 2012 Lyon
Internet et Pdagogie en Sciences de la Sant et du Sport (IP3S)
Socit Internationale Francophone d'Education Mdicale (SIFEM)
Groupe d'Etude et de Recherche en Anglais de Spcialit (GERAS)

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