To practise the language you need during consultation
To observe cross cultural differences and use them in consultation

Interactive case studies: :
General Medical Council (GMC): Choose what the doctor should do in a series of case studies highlighting how the principles might work in practice

Bedside manner/Doctor-Patient relationship
How to Improve Consultation and Communication Skills
How Can I Help Patients Change Unhealthy Behaviors?
Continuity of Care Starts With You
Four Tips for Handling Histories and Physicals
How to Take a Patient History: Instructions
The Medical Interview: Communication Skills I, Ted J Ruback:
University of Virginia School of Medicine:
Visit thoroughly, particularly H&P Checklist, Course Content/Schedule, Course Materials
History and Mental Status Examination
Breaking Bad News:
A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine
Articles: read & write summary (300 words)

Case taking
Patient talk vs Doctor talk
Sample questions Registration is free and secure   : Listen to the consultation & write down the doctor's questions
Anatomy Quizzes & Tutorials
The Auscultation Assistant
Suggested reference books:
 - Oxford handbook of Clinical Medicine ISBN -9 780 198 525585
 - Bate's Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking ISBN-10- 0781767180 ISBN-13- 9780781767187
Grammar: date, duration, frequency
- When / how long ago/ how long is it since + simple past
e.g: When/ How long ago did it start? / How long is it since it started?
- How long + present perfect = depuis combien de temps?
e.g: How long have you been on the pill?   = Depuis combien de temps prenez-vous la pilule?
- How long + simple past = pendant combien de temps ?
e.g: How long were you on the pill?   = Pendant combien de temps avez-vous pris la pilule?
- How often = A quelle frquence/Tous les combien ?
- How many times = Combien de fois ?
Exercise:      Questions      Answers
Contrastive Stress      Questions      Answers
Case taking: Registration is free and secure Write down the doctor's questions then repeat them. If possible, record yourself then listen to the model & compare with your own production.

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